Frequently Asked Questions

Estimates and prices

How do you set the estimate and what does it include?

We visit the site to estimate the size of the project, depending on the size of the surface, your specific needs and the selected surface. If you are uncertain, we can direct you to the solution that best suits your situation. The amount of the estimate is global and includes all project costs, without exception. Thus, there will be no extra, no surprise and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

So the amount of the estimate tells us exactly how much it will cost us to realize our project?

Absolutely. Our reputation is based on the trust that we maintain with our customers.

How is the date of the work set?

We set the date of the work together with the customers and we always respect this date. For us, respecting customers and deadlines is a very important value.

Selecting the coating

What is the difference between elastomer membranes (polycarbamide-flex, polyurethanes, polyepoxide) and epoxy?

The elastomers possess elastic properties which make them flexible and therefore more resistant and durable than epoxy. They also dry faster. Epoxy, unlike elastomers, resists poor UV rays and can turn yellow; On the other hand, its price is lower.

What color and finishes do you offer?

You can choose from over 1,000 colors, and even create a custom color. Finishes include granite style, storm peel finish and non-slip finish with aluminum oxide.

The application process

Can any concrete surface, regardless of its condition, adapt to one of your coatings?

Yes. If there are cracks or crevices, we fill them with polymer gel. Then we sand the surface with an aspirating orbital sander so that the concrete is ready to receive the coating product and that it adheres perfectly. The sandblasting produces no dust and these repairs are included in our price, without extra.

How do you apply the coating to the concrete surface?

First we apply a very liquid primer coating that penetrates deep into the concrete. Then we spread vinyl flakes all over the surface. Once they have adhered to the primer, we scrape the surface and recover the excess. Finally, we extend the transparent final layer of the selected product.

Why do you add vinyl flakes to the coating?

These flakes have two important functions: they give resistance to the coating and they produce an optical illusion of size while camouflaging dust and scratches.

How much time is spent on preparation and application?

It all depends on the size of the surface. For a medium-sized room, for example a garage, the whole of the work takes about half a day and pedestrian traffic can resume 3 to 5 hours after the end of the works, in the case of elastomer membranes, and 12 at 18 hours after the work, in the case of epoxy.

If the surface to be covered is outdoors, does it make a difference?

No. The preparations, the application process and the drying time are relatively the same. On the other hand, the time must be favorable, that is to say it must not rain or too wind.

The warranties offered

Does the coating come with a warranty and, if so, how long is it?

Concerning to elastomer membranes (polycarbamide-flex, polyurethanes, polyepoxide), we offer a warranty on adhesion of 20 years indoors and 10 years on the outside and A lifetime warranty against discoloration. As for the epoxy coating, for a residential, exterior or interior surface, we offer a 5 years grip guarantee and a 1 year warranty against discoloration. For a commercial surface, the warranty on adhesion is 2 years and the warranty against discoloration is 1 year.

Are your warranties included in the cost of the coating?

Always. And we offer the best guarantees in the market at the moment.

Coating maintenance

What is the best way for maintaining the coating?

By cleaning it regularly with water and a mild soap (biodegradable Hertel is suggested). You can use a garden hose, a sprayer, a mop or a rubber scraper, at your choice.

The consequences of the application

Do the products used leave an odor?

Because our products are not diluted with solvents and do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as is the case with some of our competitors, only a low odor can be perceived and disappears after about 2 hours. The products we use are 100% pure.

Can the coating products be harmful or toxic to some people?

Not at all. The products we use are completely harmless and pose no health risk.

Are coating materials environmentally hazardous?

Not at all. All our products meet LEED certification standards.