Office flooring

PolySurface's office flooring

One often forgets the importance of the office flooring in the design of the atmosphere and the visual and physical comfort of the user and the visitor. PolySurface creates the desired vibe for a better productivity and to attract customers. The floor is an essential and necessary part of the design for all dimensions of office spaces and commercial surfaces.

Administrative office space

An epoxy floor covering is an ideal finish for office flooring. The glossy and glossy finish contributes to a soothing work climate by creating a calming and energizing environment according to your need.

Concrete Office Flooring: For an original design

A multitude of colors and textures are available in matte, satin and glossy finishes. It is possible to incorporate logos, texts or a decorative or utility element. Create your personalized office flooring!

Office floor

Safety, Economy and Ecology

Epoxy board surfaces are slip-resistant, economical and environmentally friendly because easy to maintain with organic and stain-resistant products.

Office Flooring Application time

The time of application and the times of use are very short for your office flooring. Your company can be quickly operational.

Need advice from an expert designer for your office flooring?

Whether your project is modest or ambitious, PolySurface's team of expert designers will assist you in planning the project and in selecting products and finishes for your office flooring. To answer all your needs and to realize your floor coating project with the utmost professionalism, call opon the PolySurface team.

Did you know that?

Before choosing the office floor colors that will uphold your administrative office space, it is important to know the symbolism of color as well as the effects of the color chosen on the unconscious of the staff and visitors.

The colors are directly associated with the atmosphere and atmosphere. Do you want an energetic or soothing and calm washroom? It's up to you to see it with our expert designer.

Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow are energizing and stimulating colors that awaken sociability and create a warm atmosphere. If you want to promote teamwork, cooperation and positive attitude, nothing better!

The cool colors of blue, purple and green are refreshing and relaxing and create a serene effect. They are ideal for small offices.


Red is a dynamic and enthusiastic color and should be used sparingly because of its paradoxical nature; Love and anger, passion and prohibition, courage and danger.


The color of good mood, orange stimulates creativity and open-minded communication. Difficult to use on large surfaces, it lends itself wonderfully for a role of color-accent in the arrangement of accessories.


A happy, energizing and revitalizing color, yellow represents movement and knowledge. It is the favorite color of those who love change. Yellow compensates for the lack of natural light and is therefore ideal for less sunny places.


Blue is a relaxing color that promotes calmness, concentration, rest, reflection. It symbolizes wisdom, purity and stability.


Symbolizing hope and luck, green contributes to rest and helps with fatigue. It is frequently used in hospitals and health centers.


Reassuring, this color is a symbol of spirituality.


White is the color of balance, of purity. White adds lightness and enlarges the rooms.


Symbol of elegance and refinement, black adds luxury to any accessory.

Types of Flooring

Garage Floor

Make your garage floor look great with the best and most durable products on the market. Our very large choice of finishes will satisfy you.

Deck Coating

Would you like to embellish your concrete deck coating? Do you want to make your backyard more attractive?

Basement floor coating

A basement floor coating should be applied thoughtfully. Indeed, the basement is an area conducive...

Pool deck coating

Have you noticed the new trend at your neighbours' homes to coat the concrete sections surrounding pools?

Commercial floor

We often forget the importance of flooring in the design of the atmosphere...

Industrial floor

POLYSURFACE's Polyurea and Polyaspartic epoxy coatings for factories...

Institutional floor

Safe and perfect for extending the life of all types of flooring, our products are durable and adapt perfectly to institutions.

Agricultural floor coating

Effective against unhealthy and easy cleaning, our coating is perfect for agricultural applications.