Concrete Floor Repair

PolySurface's concrete floor repair

PolySurface is the expert in concrete floor repair in Québec. Thanks to our numerous branches, our teams cover the entire province of Québec to carry out lasting repairs on your garage floor, pool deck, patio, basement, or any other residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional concrete floor surface. Our team is not only experienced and qualified at installing your concrete surface, but they also repair it effectively and meticulously. Whatever concrete floor repair you need, think PolySurface!

Concrete floor leveling

Do you want to correct the slope of your concrete floor or level the surface? PolySurface has developed concrete floor leveling techniques that allow for impeccable leveling. Whether the work is done by sanding or by applying a self-leveling coating, we'll get the job done quickly and efficiently. With PolySurface, you're sure to be on the right level!

Concrete floor crack repair

The cracks in your concrete floor can be very damaging. That's why you should rely on the PolySurface team as soon as a problem occurs. Thanks to our technique, which isn't invasive for the concrete, we can repair your cracks effectively. Previously, techniques for repairing cracks in concrete floors would cause new micro-cracks. That's why we've improved our method, and we can therefore guarantee a lasting repair of your cracks throughout Québec!

Concrete Finish Repair or Floor Replacement

Whether your concrete floor covering is a polyurea (polyaspartic) or polyurethane-type elastomer or an epoxy, our finish experts will repair or replace the surface of your concrete floors. Having developed expertise in floor finishing, we can offer you the most resistant repair or replacement floor solutions on the market. We offer you fast, reliable, meticulous, and economical concrete floor repair service. Call us now for any concrete floor finish repair or replacement in Québec!

Concrete Floor Repair Options

Concrete Floor Leveling

Do you have a concrete floor that isn't level? Is the surface of your concrete floor covering no longer smooth?

Crack Repair

We know how troublesome, damaging, and even devastating a crack in your concrete floor can be for your concrete slab.

Floor Finishes

Are you dissatisfied with your existing garage floor finish? Is your epoxy yellowing and peeling?