Garage Floor Finishes

Concrete garage floor finishes

Are you dissatisfied with your existing garage floor finish? Is your epoxy yellowing and peeling? Do you simply want to personalize or modify the appearance of your concrete slab? You're in the right place for custom, personalized concrete floor finishing service! The PolySurface team are experts in concrete floor covering, and they travel everywhere in the province of Québec.

Elastomeric concrete floor finishes

Increasingly popular, this floor covering provides a very attractive look and – above all – great durability to your concrete surface. This supple, flexible, and ultra-resistant elastomeric membrane resists the micro-movements of the garage floor. Quite waterproof, it also ensures the longevity of your garage flooring. By their composition, polyurea and polyaspartic resist tire movements and chemicals. Temperature variations also have no effect on the product, nor does sunlight, which doesn't cause it to yellow. This is the product to use if you want to give an impeccable finish to your garage floors.

Epoxy garage floor finishes

Epoxy has been widely used for several years, but it's increasingly being abandoned. Elastomeric garage floor finishes are more durable and are therefore the most popular solutions. Despite this, epoxy floor finishes remain a solution that offers several possibilities, but that must be carried out by experienced professionals, such as the members of the PolySurface team. Epoxy lets you create different floor styles according to your tastes. Whatever problem you're having with your epoxy floor finish, we can repair it quickly and effectively.

A dedicated team specialized in garage floors finishes

No matter what type of concrete floor covering you prefer, the PolySurface team is trained and experienced at repairing your garage floor finishes. All our technicians are meticulous, and they take the satisfaction of our customers seriously. At PolySurface, we offer you lasting, economical repair solutions. For the repair of your concrete floor finish, think PolySurface!

Concrete Floor Repair Options

Concrete Floor Leveling

Do you have a concrete floor that isn't level? Is the surface of your concrete floor covering no longer smooth?

Crack Repair

We know how troublesome, damaging, and even devastating a crack in your concrete floor can be for your concrete slab.

Floor Finishes

Are you dissatisfied with your existing garage floor finish? Is your epoxy yellowing and peeling?