Crack in your concrete floor

We know how troublesome, damaging, and even devastating a crack in your concrete floor can be for your concrete slab. As soon as a crack appears, water seeps in, speeding up the degradation of the crack. This can have a long-term impact on the quality of your structure, so it's essential to have your concrete cracks repaired as soon as they appear. You can count on the team of concrete crack repairers at PolySurface to fill your cracks quickly and effectively. We carry out your concrete crack repair jobs methodically and meticulously to ensure the durability of your structure. Call us now to get a quote!

Avoid using the old concrete crack repair method

Over the past few years, we've noticed many business owners practicing the old method of concrete crack repair. This involved expanding the crack, then filling it with a polymer. This method caused several problems in the short and medium term, since the expansion of the crack created other concrete cracks. You don't want to find yourself in the vicious circle of concrete degradation caused by expanding the crack.

An effective, lasting method of concrete crack repair

At PolySurface, we don't use the old concrete crack repair method. We prefer to fill the crack directly by injecting polymer into it. We thereby avoid damaging the rest of the concrete structure. Naturally, this method is preceded by a meticulous cleaning of the crack in order to remove all the damaged concrete residue or fragments. We fill the cracks precisely and methodically to ensure the permanence and durability of the concrete crack repair.

Finishing after the concrete crack repair

Do you not only want to repair your cracks, but also cover the surface of your concrete floor to make it more attractive? Well, you're in luck: we're professionals in concrete floor covering using polyurea (polyaspartic) or polyurethane-type elastomeric membranes or epoxy membranes in Québec. Check out our floor finishing section for more information!

Concrete Floor Repair Options

Concrete Floor Leveling

Do you have a concrete floor that isn't level? Is the surface of your concrete floor covering no longer smooth?

Crack Repair

We know how troublesome, damaging, and even devastating a crack in your concrete floor can be for your concrete slab.

Floor Finishes

Are you dissatisfied with your existing garage floor finish? Is your epoxy yellowing and peeling?