Garage Floor Leveling

Garage Floor Leveling solution

Do you have a garage floor that isn't level? Is the surface of your concrete floor covering no longer smooth? Would you like to improve the appearance of your existing garage floor? Do business with PolySurface, the team of concrete floor leveling experts in Québec. No matter what type of problems you have with your concrete surfaces or how serious they are, our advisors will offer you the solution tailored to your situation. Our experts are qualified and experienced at detecting gaps in concrete surfaces and carrying out the work quickly and with a high degree of precision. Contact us now to get an estimate for your garage floor leveling job!

Garage Floor Leveling solution #1: Sanding

If the condition of your concrete slab isn't too serious, we can use our sanding technique to level your garage floor. This technique involves sanding the concrete with a diamond sander. Sometimes, this operation alone is enough to level your garage floor. However, the leveling may sometimes require heavier artillery and additional operations. In this case, we scarify the surface of the concrete floor and sand one last time to finish the job.

Leveling solution #2: Self-leveling coating

It's possible that the most suitable garage floor leveling solution for your situation is to use a self-leveling coating. This technique requires scarifying your substrate or concrete slab. A primer is then applied to the concrete floor to allow for better adhesion of the self-leveling coating. Through gravity, this coating makes it possible to level your garage floor. Slope corrections may be necessary in certain cases.

Suitable leveling, according to your situation

At PolySurface, we make it our mission to advise you and offer you the best possible garage floor leveling solution. That's why we take care to fully understand your situation, to offer you a method that's suitable and – above all – lasting. Whatever your garage floor leveling needs and constraints, contact the team of experts at PolySurface for a lasting, effective solution!

Concrete Floor Repair Options

Concrete Floor Leveling

Do you have a concrete floor that isn't level? Is the surface of your concrete floor covering no longer smooth?

Crack Repair

We know how troublesome, damaging, and even devastating a crack in your concrete floor can be for your concrete slab.

Floor Finishes

Are you dissatisfied with your existing garage floor finish? Is your epoxy yellowing and peeling?