Polished Concrete Floors

PolySurface's polished concrete garage floors

What is concrete?

Concrete is the material made from a mixture of several constituents: water, sand, gravel and cement. Cement is a mixture of clay and limestone by which the various components of the concrete can bond together.

Old eroded and cracked concrete floors can be cleaned, repaired and refurbished using the right products and processes.

The new concrete should dry and harden for a minimum of 30 days to be resistant to the compression of concrete of at least 3625 psi and the tensile strength should be at least 218 psi.

A signed PolySurface polished concrete floor is a floor coating that is:

  • Resistant to shocks, scratches, weight and wear
  • Waterproof, durable and resistant to solvents, corrosive chemicals, oil and gasoline
  • Improved appearance, non-dusty and clean
  • Safe and anti-slip and multifunctional for various uses

Polished Concrete Floors: An impeccable finish

The finish of polished concrete floors gives a very clean look to your cement floors. They modify the appearance of your garage or basement considerably, even giving the impression that someone has recently come to clean your place.

In addition, polished concrete floor is very easy to take care of. You'll no longer see oil stains on your garage floor. You just have to wash your floor to rediscover the original lustre of your flooring.

Polished concrete floors will extend the lifespan of your floors, since it protects them from degradation. They also protect your floor from corrosion, water infiltration, oil deposits, or any other product that's harmful to your cement floor.

Opt for quality and durability. Opt for PolySurface!

Types of Garage Flooring

Epoxy floor coating


Epoxy is a polymer formed of two different components and converted to a solid state by a controlled chemical reaction.

Concrete floor


Concrete is the material made from a mixture of several constituents: water, sand, gravel and cement.

Polyurea and Polyaspartic floor coating


Floors covered by polyurea and polyaspartic epoxy membranes offer a clean, stylish appearance.

Polyurethane floor coating


The many colors and finishes of flooring fit perfectly to all types of interior design.