Our team of experts in the installation and repair of concrete surfaces has completed many jobs since the company was created in 2013. PolySurface has become a key player in the field thanks to the impeccable and professional service that each branch provides its customers. See the quality of the achievements and the extent of the possibilities that are available to you thanks to PolySurface for yourself.

Multiple flooring solutions

Whatever the issue raised by the customer, we find the ideal customized solution for his garage flooring. We adapt to your situation and offer you the concrete product that truly suits you. Among our achievements, you'll find multiple repairs and floor coverings for garages, basements, pool decks, and balconies — all carried out quickly and professionally by a dedicated and passionate team. Contact us now so that you too can take advantage of PolySurface's meticulous and lasting achievements.

For any problem, your PolySurface solution

We've noticed that homeowners encounter several different problems with their floor coating. Several problems are related to cracks, degradation, and unevenness in concrete floors. Fortunately, we have a solution to each problem. We've always taken care to understand the needs of our customers and offer them the most lasting and economical solution possible. Whether you need epoxy flooring, a polyurethane membrane, levelling, or polishing, you're sure to find professional, quality service at PolySurface. We also have the best warranty on the market, a sign of our precision and concern for quality.

A unique touch

Are you looking for specific or customized concrete flooring? You'll find it at PolySurface. Thanks to our wide selection of over 1,000 colours, we can achieve the flooring colour you desire. We can even create unique and customized designs. Let your imagination run wild and treat yourself to the garage, bedroom, or basement floor of your dreams!