Outdoor Floor Coating

Outdoor floor coatings with LEED certification

Cover your outdoor floor coating with the best products on the market. PolySurface uses first-rate products and meets LEED certification standards. Because they're exposed to the weather and the sun, outdoor floor coatings have to be durable and resistant. Our high standards in choosing our floor covering products are a guarantee of quality. Rest assured: you'll only find the best outdoor floor coating products at PolySurface!

Elastomeric outdoor floor coating

One of the main advantages of polyurea outdoor floor coatings with flakes is that they're resistant to discolouration and yellowing. Knowing that they'll be forced to contend with the weather and perpetual contact with sunlight, it's the number-1 choice to adopt. Because they're flexible, elastomeric membranes resist the micro-movements of the floor as well as wear and tear. At PolySurface, you'll also find over 1,000 colours of outdoor floor coatings. For the quality of our products and the quantity of our colour choices, do business with PolySurface!

Outdoor floor coating

Epoxy outdoor floor coating

Epoxy is an affordable outdoor floor coating solution. Still very popular, it lets you create very interesting designs and visuals for your concrete outdoor floor. However, it discolours over time and yellows in the sun. Epoxy may also chip, as it's less weather-resistant. Ask the experts at PolySurface for more information to check if epoxy is an ideal solution for your outdoor floor coating!

Polishing your outdoor floor

Would you like to preserve the appearance of the concrete on your outdoor floor coating? Or would you like to give it a more attractive look? If so, contact the experts at PolySurface. Our qualified team will polish your concrete floor to give it a smoother look.

Outdoor floor coating warranties

The polyaspartic (polyurea) outdoor concrete coating has a 10-year warranty on adhesion and a lifetime warranty against discolouration. As for the epoxy coating, for a residential surface, the warranty on adhesion lasts 5 years and the warranty against discolouration lasts 1 year.

Types of Flooring

Garage Floor

Make your garage floor look great with the best and most durable products on the market. Our very large choice of finishes will satisfy you.

Deck Coating

Would you like to embellish your concrete deck coating? Do you want to make your backyard more attractive?

Basement floor coating

A basement floor coating should be applied thoughtfully. Indeed, the basement is an area conducive...

Pool deck coating

Have you noticed the new trend at your neighbours' homes to coat the concrete sections surrounding pools?

Commercial floor

We often forget the importance of flooring in the design of the atmosphere...

Industrial floor

POLYSURFACE's Polyurea and Polyaspartic epoxy coatings for factories...

Institutional floor

Safe and perfect for extending the life of all types of flooring, our products are durable and adapt perfectly to institutions.

Agricultural floor coating

Effective against unhealthy and easy cleaning, our coating is perfect for agricultural applications.