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For an impeccable service and perfect garage floors

PolySurface quickly became indispensable in the field of concrete flooring in the city of Québec. In just a few months, the company knew how to build a solid reputation for its state-of-the-art service technology focused on customer satisfaction. Sylvain Boissonneault, founder of the company, has a very particular vision of the business world: the client is the boss, and everything must be done to ensure the client's satisfaction. The 99% satisfaction rate demonstrates the effectiveness of his approach.The idea of starting a floor coating company came after a stay in Italy in 2008. Fascinated by the beauty and style of the garage floors in the country, Sylvain returned to Québec with the desire to start up his own company in the field. Since then, he has taken courses and attended various international congresses to keep track of new developments and trends in concrete flooring. For nearly three years, he operated a dealership of garage flooring and sales of steel closets. Finally, it is in 2013 that he officially launched PolySurface, which has been gathering success has been growing ever since.

About PolySurface

A daring company

What distinguishes PolySurface from other companies of the same field is its willingness to think outside the box, to dare new designs and concrete products. "We are trying to distinguish ourselves by doing things that other companies do not want to do", says Sylvain Boissonneault. For example, last week we made a waterfall in a pool. No one dared to do it, but we did! "The company also distinguishes itself by using less common products, including salt, calcium, chlorine and acid resistant products. PolySurface can thus apply a coating to all concrete surfaces, both in shops and residences.

The man behind PolySurface's success

Before owning his company, Sylvain Boissonneault, the son of an entrepreneur, climbed many steps: shovel operator, foreman, and superintendent. He has worked on major projects in several provinces and overseas as well. He says he loves the new challenges, and his position at the head of PolySurface gives him plenty of challenges besides allowing him to be close to his family. "My passion for this venture is that every morning, every day, every project is a new adventure. There is no routine and that's what makes me happy! "Challenges, companies need to keep up with them if they want to stay in the race. The most important, according to Sylvain, is to know how to keep the workforce, to train it and to make it evolve. He is close to his employees and gives a very important place to the relationship he has with them. "My second family is the team. I have more talk with my foremen than I do with my wife! "He laughs..

Sylvain's work is guided by values that make him a better businessman. His honesty and care for his clients and employees are certainly the most important. "I have excellent employees who are very competent and very hard working. They do a lot for me and I often treat them as if they were my own children!" He also has a lot of respect for his clients, who are generally very satisfied with the services they get from the company. "I really work for the customer, I do not want to sell him anything just to makes sales. Customer service, for me, is the key. I often get calls or emails from customers packed by the work that has been done and by the professionalism of my staff. It's always heartwarming".

PolySurface continues to expand and its founder always bares in mind the idea of eventually turning it into a family business. "My twelve year old son is my best seller! When he comes to make submissions with me, he installs his samples, takes measurements with me. He is very good and he likes it, I think he will take over."

This would not be surprising, as Sylvain Boissonneault's passion for his trade is contagious.