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Trending: The multifunctional garage

multifunctional garage

What is the new dream of Québec homeowners? A multifunctional garage as neat as the rest of the house.

Established in the United States for seven or eight years, the concept of the multifunctional garage is slowly becoming part of Québec's customs. Since most garages attached to the house are already insulated and heated, homeowners are beginning to wonder how to optimize a space that often exceeds 300 square feet.

The garage can be used as a workshop, a games room and a gym, a laundry room and a food store, and can be used for large family reunions and teen parties.

It takes on the role of the basement, now requisitioned by the home theater. Development, of course, plays a leading role. No one wants to dance – no jogging miles on the treadmill – in the middle of a clutter of cardboard boxes, ski boots, unused boards and other garden hoses.

If one believes the experts, the storage garage will soon be a memory. "In some cases, we could almost talk about decoration", says Johane Marin, project coordinator at Garde-Robes Gagnon. Customers ask us for the same type of melamine storage that we installed in their dressing room or kitchen."

How to turn a storage garage into a multifunctional Garage?

The strategy is to free up the maximum floor area and take full advantage of the walls and ceiling as stocking/ storage space. Moreover, when we talk about "garage design" we must give importance to closed closets.

With the explosion of the market, the supply of products specifically designed for the residential garage has greatly expanded. Modules of varying shapes and sizes allow for a range of layouts. The good news is that the new models are not only practical, they are beautiful. Halfway between the Formula 1 mechanical workshop and the high-tech kitchen, with built-in lighting and wash basin, made of solid wood or steel, they exist in a varied choice of colors and finishes. But, let's face it, a stainless steel wall gives amazing elegance. Obviously, a garage remains a garage. Tools commonly used and equipment used on a daily basis must be easily identifiable, within sight and hand.

This is where the wall-hanging systems come in, on which are fastened suitable supports, from the friction socket that locks the hedge trimmer in place to the special fishing rods, going through the hook loop for Stepladder and racket support for tennis or kayak. Grids, perforated or bladed panels, again there is the embarrassment of the choice in dimensions, materials and finishes. For the look and convenience, specialists recommend grouping objects and materials by categories: leisure, DIY, car maintenance, gardening, from the "dirtiest" near the door (garbage, lawnmower, blower) to the cleanest (laundry, Food products).

Large items and seasonal items are placed on the ceiling. U-bars fixed to the side walls can always do the trick. But those who dream of a garage where to receive will prefer to invest in industrial storage, which combine performance with sobriety. Among the latter, the strongest tolerate a weight up to 600 lbs (note that their installation requires the intervention of a professional). Plastic bins with lids will be stacked in which will classify the thousand and one tricks that cluttered the floor. Do not forget to label their content. Otherwise, beware of the great confusion! Do not forget to invite the neighbors when you hang the rack. They will be engorged with envy.