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A highly resistant concrete covering technique

This technique - both innovative and versatile - enhances the appearance of concrete floors and optimizes its use, whatever the context: residential, commercial, industrial or institutional. In addition, Polysurface mastered all aspects, so do not look any more!

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Our exclusive Polysurface product

Our exclusive Polysurface product

The best guanrantee

The best guanrantee

Coatings for all uses

PolySurface offers you a range of high-tech products at competitive prices. The choice of colors and finishes is unlimited. You can not find the formula that will not suit your needs and your budget. Very versatile, PolySurface's concrete coating technique applies to many uses:

RÉSIDENTIAL : Garage floor, basement or laundry room, patio, patio, pool area, etc.

Corridor or intensive traffic area, restaurant, butcher, sanitary facilities, etc.

INDUSTRIAL : Warehouse, hangar, infrastructure, cloakroom, work area, etc.

INSTITUTIONAL : Surgery room, museum hall, public square, etc.